Install/Uninstall PostgreSQL on a Mac

Use the installer from Enterprise DB website to install on a mac. There are installers available from BigSQL but they aren’t quite standard so uninstallation could be a little more work. Here are instructions to install and uninstall PostgreSQL on/from your Mac.

Install postgres
1. Download the installer from the following link and click through the installation process

2. Follow instructions to execute psql from commandline on Mac:

Uninstall process
1. If you used the above link to install postgres on your system, it would have been installed under /Library/PostgreSQL. Navigate to the following directory from your terminal as root (The version 9.6 may differ based on the version that was installed on your system):

cd /Library/PostgreSQL/9.6/

2. Open the uninstaller and follow instructions to remove the application


3. Remove the PostgreSQL and data folders. The Wizard will notify you that these were not removed.

rm -rf /Library/PostgreSQL

4. Remove the configuration file that keeps track of the database version you are using:

rm /etc/postgres-reg.ini

5. Remove the PostgreSQL user using System Preferences -> Users & Groups.

That should be all! The uninstall wizard would have removed all icons and start-up applications files so you don’t have to worry about those.


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