jQuery – POST Data via jquery.POST

The previous post shows the old school way to POST data using Ajax (XMLHttp). jQuery surprisingly does all that for you within a wrapper. Here’s an equivalent for the jQuery post:

	$( '[name="eval|hostname"]' ).bind("blur", getAvailableHost);

function getAvailableHost() {
	var $hostname = $( this );  //-- getAvailableHost() was set as an eventHandler on bind. So this refers to the hostname textbox
	var $spanHostname = $( "#id_availableHostname" ); //-- Span where the available hostname from post response will be set
	if ($hostname.val().match(/^[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9]+$/g) == null) {
		alert("Enter valid hostname. Only Alphanumeric and Hyphens (in the middle of string) allowed.");
		return false;
			hostname : $hostname.val(),
			domain : "yourdomain.com"
		function(data, status) {
			//-- Expected data and status are returned by the server
		.done(function(data) {
			var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(data);
			$spanHostname.text(obj.AvailableHost);	//-- Can also be accessed via obj['AvailableHost']
		.fail(function() {
	return true;

PS: The ‘hostname’ and ‘domain’ posted by the Ajax call can be accessed on the server using from the POST packet. e.g. PHP server script can access via $_POST[‘hostname’] and $_POST[‘domain’]


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