Linux Shell – Iterate through file listings

This script is useful if you’d like to iterate through find results or say files in a directory and pick specific files and do operations on them. Specific to my case – I had to search for files with current timestamp in the filename and use those files for some operations. Here’s what I did in a bash script

TIMESTAMP=`date +%F`

cd /home/varun.verma/scripts/shell/getFiles
#find . -name "*.tar.gz" -type f -exec basename {} \; #Used this command to test the results. It finds files with a format and displays only the name of files, not the path (since I know where I am searching)

for i in `find . -name "*$TIMESTAMP*.tar.gz" -type f -exec basename {} \;`
  file=`echo -n $i`
  echo $file #Or do some operation here

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