Ruby installation on Debian

This has been quite a pain in the a**. But figured it out by hard means. Here is how to install Ruby1.9 on a Debian box:

1. Update the sources.list file as explained in the previous post
2. Run ‘apt-get update’ to upgrade source list
3. apt-get install ruby-1.9.1-full
4. Update the symbolic links under /usr/lib:
a. ln -s ri1.9.1 ri
b. ln -s irb1.9.1 irb
c. ln -s gem1.9.1 gem
d. ln -s ruby1.9.1 ruby

Check the version by command ‘ruby -v’ and you should happily see this result:
ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18 revision 29036) [i486-linux]


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