WCF Internal Server Error

Ever encountered the following error while running a WCF Hello World application?

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data
for the page is invalid.
Module 	IIS Web Core
Notification 	BeginRequest
Handler 	Not yet determined
Error Code 	0x80070005
Config Error 	Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions 

If you’ve reached here perusing through multiple forums and blogs first answer the following question to yourself and ‘Yes’ is what you get, then maybe your computer could be suffering from “Windows Firewall Protection” syndrome.

Do you get an alert window asking for your permission while you are adding new software or modifying system settings?

If Yes
“Windows Firewall Protection” Syndrome
End If

Please check your system firewall settings. If you are using Vista:
1. My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties
2. Security Center -> Windows Firewall
3. If it reads “Your computer is protected” or “Windows Firewall is on”, then you might want to turn the firewall “OFF” and “Restart” your computer.

Might not turn out to be a panacea but it is definitely worth trying!
Do post back if this turned out to be a solution for you to help other users.


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